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Were Leaving!!!

Last night we all walked down to a movie theater and saw How to Train You Dragon. It was in English with French subtitles. It was a good movie but Bruce left his jacket at the theater. This morning, he went to the theater to go find it but they weren’t open. So he came back and then went again later. When he went they said they didn’t have it.  Meanwhile, everybody has gotten packed mostly and we are just looking for little things. Bruce called Iceland Air and they said that it is scheduled to be on-time. They only thing we don’t know is if our plane has left Iceland to go to Paris. If it doesn’t take off, we can’t leave. Hopefully we will be home around 5 or 6 pm…


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Day 10: Paris

Our last full day! (hopefully). If our flight does get canceled, we booked our room for another night. Iceland Air just has 2 flights from Paris to Reykjavik a week. So if our Wed. flight gets canceled, the next flight would be on Friday.

Today, Allie, Bruce, and Cecilia woke up at around 9:45 and at breakfast in “the cave” (the basement). Then, we went back to the room and at around 11:00. Allie and Cecilia went out and walked around, but didn’t buy anything because Cecilia forgot money. When they came back, Max was still asleep but woke up a little later. Then, we took the metro then walked through some gardens to get to Muse D’orsay, an art museum smaller and more manageable than the Louvre. We walked around and saw Gauguin,Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir and many others. We saw sculptures, impressions, pointillism and carvings. We didn’t spend too much time there, and after walking through the most well known rooms, we went outside to the little courtyard. There we sat on some steps and ate baguette sandwiches with salami, cheese, cashews and cookies.  Then, we walked to Jardin de Luxembourg, a park/gardens. On the way we stopped at a couple churches and Cecilia went into one and looked at another. Then, when we got there, we walked to the fountain. We sat in some chairs and watched some little children push miniature sailboats around the fountain/pond. After a little bit, we walked to the metro stop. On the way, we stopped to get sorbet: Tiramisu (Allie) and Strawberry (Max). Then, we bought tickets for the metro trip and for the train ride to the airport tomorrow. Then, we went home and Cecilia went running. Tonight we are all going to see the new movie How to Train your Dragon, in English with French subtitles. Hopefully tomorrow we will be on a plane!


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Clear blue sky!

Sacre Coeur

Centre Pompidou in the evening

View of the Seine from La Tour Eiffel

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Day 9: Paris

Today, Bruce and Cecilia woke up early and went down to breakfast. Then, they went out and got Allie and Max something to eat at the local patisserie. Then they took the metro to Montmartre. It is a neighborhood that is known for its artists. They went to Sacre Coeur, a church on the top of a hill that gives a beautiful view of all of Paris. Meanwhile, Allie and Max woke up and ate breakfast, then waited for Bruce and Cecilia to get back (they got a little lost coming back). Then, around noon, we all took the metro to the Eiffel Tower. We were a little early (our pre-booked tickets were for 2:00) so we went down past a merry-go-round to the Seine. We sat on the edge for a while, then Cecilia went to get a picture on her phone of the Eiffel Tower for a backround. Bruce, Max, and Allie went to the base to meet her. Then, we went into the official Eiffel Tower shop for only a few minutes before getting in line. Because we had booked our tickets online, we didn’t have to wait in line, we got to pass everybody. When we first got there, it said that the summit was temporarily closed, but when we went in, they said it was just too crowded, but because we had already bought tickets, we could go up. We got on the elevator and went to the first deck, which is the restaurant. We didn’t get out, just stayed in until the second deck. Then we got out and looked around. There was a fence around the outside, but the gaps were big enough to stick your head through. We took some pictures, and we could see where we were sitting by the river. We got to pass the long line of people waiting to buy tickets for the top deck, and we got a whole elevator to ourselves. When we got up, the view was amazing. We saw Notre Dame, the Louvre, and Arch de Triomphe. We walked around, and there was almost no one there because of the tickets. There was a champagne bar and a window where there were dummies, acting out a frozen scene of Thomas Edison and Gustav Eiffel (the designer of the Eiffel Tower). We paid 2 euros to look through a telescope for a little bit, then we took the elevator down. There were lots of vendors all around the base, but eventually we got to a metro station. We took the metro to Champs-Elysees. That’s a street that has lots of shops on it. We ate lunch at a little cafe, then Max decided to take the metro back to our hotel. Allie, Bruce and Cecilia walked down Champs-Elysees and went into Laduree, a macaroon shop and a tea room. We got 6 mini macaroons: Orange Blossom, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Praline, and Pistachio. They weren’t like your normal macaroons, they didn’t really taste like coconut, just the flavor. They had a slightly crunchy outside, and a soft filling. They were delicious! Then we walked down the street to a metro stop, where we took the metro back to our hotel. Tonight we might go back to Ile de St. Louis.


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Our hotel, Hotel Bretonnerie, is on Rue de Bretonnerie. It is pretty nice and has a breakfast that is not included in the costs, but we have been a couple times. Our hotel room has two rooms, with a sliding door that we usually keep open. In one room there is a double bed, a T.V. and a bathroom. In the other there is two twin beds, two closets, a bathroom, and the door to the hallway. Bruce and Cecilia sleep in the first bedroom and Max and Allie sleep in the second. There is a mini bar and fridge so its pretty nice, but not quite as nice as the Iceland one. There is a floral upholstery on the walls and it feels cozy.

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Day 8: Paris Night

Last night we went to a Italian restaurant called Little Italy. We had pretty good food there, and very good tiramisu. Then, when we were walking back to the hotel, we decided to go to the George Pompidou Museum. What makes the museum different is that the outside of the building is covered in pipes, earning its nickname, The Inside Out Museum. We went into the entrance/lobby, without having to pay. We went into the gift shops and you could see some of the art pieces on postcards, bookmarks and other things. We got some souvenirs and then went out. We then walked past a creperie. We have been wanting to try some french crepes, so we decided to go there some other time. Then we went home and slept.


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Day 8 pictures

Allie and Max at the Louvre

Stained Glass at Ste. Chappelle

Hallway at Chateau de Versailles

Bruce and Cecilia by the Latone Fountain, Versailles

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Day 8: Paris

This morning we got off to a lazy start.  We had planned to be up and out of the hotel by 9 AM, but the kids were zonked out and Cecilia and Bruce decided to let them sleep in.  The adults had breakfast in the hotel – croissants, other pastries, cold deli meats, fresh squeezed orange juice, and bad coffee.   We didn’t hit the road until after 11 AM.   We walked to ile St. Louis, then across to ile de la Cite.  It was a glorious morning – sunny and comfortable.  There was a great 4-piece band consisting of a singer/guitarist, double bass, saxophone, and drummer.  We relaxed in the sun and listened to them play a few songs.  Then we walked over to Ste. Chapelle and looked at the amazing stained glass.  It was really impressive, especially on such a sunny day.  Next we took the train 30 minutes out of Paris to Chateau de Versailles.  We toured the palace, including the Royal Chambers and the Hall of Mirrors.  Then we walked out to the gardens.  Today was Les Grandes Eaux Musciales, a special day when they play music and turn on all the fountains.  It was impressive, but very hot and a lot of walking.  We probably saw 10% of everything there was to see, but we were all exhausted.  We took the train back to Paris for an afternoon rest.  Not sure what the evening has planned, but the weather is beautiful for strolling.

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Day 7: Paris Night

After hanging out, Allie, Bruce and Cecilia went out and went to Place des Vosges. It’s a park/square and it was very crowded because of the nice weather. We sat in the shade for a little bit, then we walked down the street to a supermarket. We bought baguettes, lunch meat, cheese, soda and cookies. Then we walked back to the hotel and watched Eruosport (the only english speaking channel we get). In the early evening we walked down to a pizzeria near the hotel called Cafe Vito. We ate dinner then took the metro to some gardens. We walked through them and got to the courtyard of the Louvre. We saw lots of statues and there were some fountains nearby. We walked inside the glass pyramid leading to the entrance of the Louvre, but we didn’t go in because it was 8:45 and you had to pay. So we sat by the fountains for a little bit, but we decided to walked to a metro stop which happened to be right in front of the Royal Palace. We took the metro to our stop. We decided to walk around to see if there was anyplace selling dessert. We found a place just a few blocks away that sold Gelato. We got Lemon (Allie) and Mango (Max) and took it to the hotel. We ate them then read, napped and watched T.V. Tomorrow its off to Versailles!


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Cecilia on river cruise on the Seine

Stained Glass at Notre Dame

Allie at Notre Dame

Bruce and Cecilia with Eiffel Tower

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